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Price list is needed by any sort of company. It contains the list of various products of company. It is a list which is finalized. It is presented by any manufacturer or retailer. In that list the name and id of the products are included against the expected price. The price is same at all the times. It might be fluctuate according to the policy of the retailer. But sometimes the retailer does not bring any discount in the price.

At the very beginning the system of the price tag law was always being followed. In the any sorts of business sectors this system was implemented because of its favor. But as the time passed the usage of this system got declination and in replacement of it Price List Template appeared. Gradually this system has become the most important one. In this template all the products are listed on a single document. The usage of this price list as well as the poduct ID number has made the business between the sales persons and the customers more convenient. Through this system the prices are nicely demonstrated and are sustained according to the law. The price list shows the expected price. This list may be provided by the manufacturer to the retailer.

No one can neglect the essentialness of a legal and professional Price List Template. So it so much important and reasonable to create a price list. But sometimes people face difficulties to prepare it. So without any difficulties anyone can easily download those templates given below and modify these according to the requirements.  One can paste logo and company’s name, address etc with it. Those templates contain the ID of the products, type, description and the expected prices.

For them who need templates, three price list items are exhibited below. Among those templates one is made using MS Excel and other two are made using MS Word 2007. The preview of these templates is given below. For their convents the links of download are also attached below. Download without any cost according to the requirements. Those who want use these templates after downloading are requested to comment on templates.

Download Price List Templates

Download Price List Templates


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