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A police report is usually the most important document of evidence in any complaint, expected or predicted to the case or legal proceeding and others all information of crimes . It is a written record of the statements made by the individual this file made all thoughts ,opinion, and other statements and by the people involved in the situation.. In traffic related issues It is a written record of the arresting police station. What the officer notes or documents in the official police report is vital in how any case is decided.

A police report is the most important document reviewed when someone officer’s thoughts, observations and opinions when he stops a vehicle, checks a vehicle, does any field sobriety tests, follows procedure, makes the decision to arrest someone, or processes someone at the is charged with any type of violation or crime. In court everything claimed as evidence by the police officer is based upon what is recorded in the police report. It is the starting point for verification of any statements made, any observations of behavior, witnesses and other impressions the officer may have noted could be important when criminal offense against the law,it’ll be classified as misdemeanor or felony crime. Law enforcement responds to the scene and makes an arrest if {there is proof} and perpetrator is still on the scene. If there is not an arrest, the long method of investigation begins.

When a report of rape is created to the police, either by the survivor or somebody calling for the survivor , sometimes a uniformed police officer in an exceedingly marked police automobile can respond. As there are generally few policewomen in any police department,there will be an excellent chance that the investigating officer are going to be male.

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