Client Information Sheet Template

For many companies, a large part of their business is working hand in hand with clients, and that means having a way to keep all their client’s information organized and easily accessible.

Create a customer contact sheet

For most business owners, there will be a physical client file that you must create. One of the simplest ways to create this file is through the use of a folder in which you simply deposit your documentation. This file will contain things like your client agreement form, evaluation forms or details of any project you are working on.

Creating a client contact sheet that contains the name, address, email, telephone, fax and any other client contact information you want to keep is a useful template. Simply print it and complete it every time you accept a new client.

Once you have printed the client contact sheet, staple it to the left inside cover of your customer folder. In this way, whenever you need to access your client’s information, simply open the file and the information is there.

The basic information that will be displayed on the letterheads includes:

Business name and logo

This is the most important information that each letterhead must have because it defines from whom the document originates.

Contact details

This must include the registered physical and postal address, the telephone number, the fax number, the URL of the website and the email address. In some cases, as for listed companies, the names of the directors are included.

A letterhead gives the business a professional image because it is the brand that represents the organization to the public. A good letterhead creates the perfect impression on the level of professionalism, quality, and type of service expected by business clients.


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